Thursday, March 30, 2006

Communities are more important than their buildings

This is a kind of heresy.

But with the world so trapped in the path of negative structural development, the priority is not to build better-adapted buildings. It's to build good humane organizations.

In some way, current buildings are well-adapted to suit their anti-human purposes.

Take the soul-deadening, cubicle-based office park. This is exactly the environment in which you want to run a tyranny, one where the victims (the employees) never feel good, but they never feel bad enough to leave, or revolt, and they go through life as wage-slaves in a stupor.

Once you understand that this is the purpose of the organization, then the building seems perfect.

So, good organizations, and good communities, working positively, morally, openly, co-operatively, for the direct benefit of people, are the necessary preconditions to good building. There are plenty of examples of good buildings with bad communities. Let's prioritize: let's start good projects, and then grow buildings around them.


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